Hello, I am...

We are glad that you want to know about us. Currently, I am the only person having a permanent seat in Coordinarts council which I believe shall change soon and we shall have more permanent members. That said! I would like to add that there are friends and family members which are always eager to help and without them, I would have to struggle a lot to keep Coordinarts alive.

A part of 'about' section goes to people like you as well. It's because of the opportunities that you give me, I am who I am today. Well, who I am? Read below.

Niharika pic

Hey, I am Niharika. I am a full time artist. After graduating as a lawyer, I contemplated a lot about whether to don the black and white clothes or pick colors. Surprise, Surprise! I chose the latter. My vision is to make the world a more beautiful place and fill people's lives with more colors (literally as well).